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Audits & Condition/Lifecycle Assessments
School Audits & Condition/Lifecycle Assessments:
Completed audits and condition/lifecycle assessments at 63 schools to date including those shown below.  Further details available.

Victory PS, Guelph

Westside SS, Orangeville

Norwell DHS, Palmerston

Erin DHS, Erin
Sample TCPS Database Elemental Orientation Plans:

Suspended Acoustic Ceilings
Rooftop HVAC Units
Ceramic Tile Flooring
Vinyl Tile Flooring

Henrietta Highlands, Rochester, New York:

Completed condition Assessments (for all 22 buildings) as well as Renovation QC and progress Inspections for Chamberlain/Pluto Darkwoods


The Rand Building, Buffalo, New York:

Building Condition Survey for Chamberlain Group & Pluto Darkwoods Corp.

This 29-storey building, constructed in 1929 has a steel & masonry structure with conventional BUR roofing.  The exterior cladding is predominantly brick with stone accent panels.

Completed site inspection and prepared building condition survey

Cambridge Armory, &

Simcoe Armory, (not shown):

Completed site inspections & prepared Masonry condition reports (brick & cut stone) for these two heritage buildings.