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Last modified: August 29, 2013

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Facility Maintenance & Renewal Project Management:

Concrete Waterproofing
Masonry Repairs

Window Sill Repairs

Air Sealing

Masonry Repairs

RTU Replacement 

Roof Replacement 

Mould Remediation

Ext Door Replacement

Concrete Deck Repairs

Masonry Joint Retrofit

Bleecher Restoration

Gym Floor Replacement

Asphalt Paving
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Click the photo images of the buildings below for details of Maintenance and Renewal projects at each building.

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Millwork Replacement

Light Fixt Replacement

New Folding Partition 

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Window Replacement

DHW Boilers

Ledge Beam Repairs

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Tenant Improvements
Water Softening
Concrete Joint Repairs

See Above

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Interior Renovations
Masonry Repairs

Roof Repairs

Asphalt QC Testing


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